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Hi there, welcome to Clear Learner.

We are a company that welcomes learners and students of all levels. Feel free to ask us any questions on any topic that you don’t understand. We are dedicated to helping you get further in life through learning more!

Our Story

School, school, school, education. That’s our primary target.

Are you that person that searches for a solution for your life solely from your hate of school? Do you hate talking about test marks because they were too low?

The first step is to your solution is accepting those marks. Your immediate next step is to act on it.

That’s what I, Kevin, the founder of Clear Learner, learned throughout my last few years in high school. Let me tell you my story.

When I started school, I was average. I was the same as everybody else doing my math and English homework at the pace the school suggested. There were people worse than me, and there were people better than me. I was in the middle of the group.

Then grade 4 came around and a family friend transferred to my school. We had math, and English classes split up into three groups where one group was accelerated because they’re smarter, one group was slower because they needed more help, and one group was in the middle. I was always in the middle group.

When I discovered that my family friend was put into the accelerated group for both math and English, now I felt the need to compete. No longer did I want to be in the middle group, I needed to be on the top.

So I enrolled in Kumon and completed some of their programs. All my marks went up, and I became the kid who doesn’t need to study and still aces every test. And it was like this all through grade 5 to 10.

This was because Kumon gave me worksheets ahead of my grade level. For example, when I was in grade 7, I was doing grade 10 math. Learning ahead allowed me to ace every test without studying.

Kumon only took me so far. The second semester of grade 10 was when I started to struggle. No longer was I acing every test, but I started going down. What I was doing was still relatively impressive, getting 80 percents without studying, but the result was not what I wanted. I was back in the middle of the group.

Then grade 11 came, and I was close to failing math (although it was Higher Level IB) but it just felt terrible in comparison to other people. I should have had higher marks than them and done better without studying as hard, and they expected that from me as well.

I started playing the excuses game. “I don’t study hard at school because I don’t need to, I’ll make full-time income before I even graduate.” “I don’t need school; school education is not needed for success.” And so be it.

But here’s the problem. I was making bold claims and it still generally felt bad. I stopped talking to people and hid away thinking I’ll go big in badminton or make a few million bucks online.

Despite what I was saying to everyone about how I was going to quit school, it still stuck in the back of my head. After being nagged by my parents and having this feeling in me, I decided to go back to my roots; learn ahead and connect ideas to the real world.

What We Can Do For You

But what you’re interested in is what we can do for you.

Since high school, I realized education lasts your entire life whether or not you choose to go to university or go into fields that require lots of technical skill. So I decided to dedicate myself to learn as much as possible and come back here and share it.

So if you need any help with anything, I’m sure you can find some information on our website about those topics. If you don’t feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to start on a post about it! We’ve got other authors here as well to maximize the number of topics we can cover.

Our Vision

We want everyone who comes to Clear Learner to be successful in life.

For that, you need to be educated and one step ahead of all your rivals. Anyone that comes to this site should leave with newfound knowledge and have either solved their problems or have an idea of where to go next.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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