Should Books Be Censored? – The Trigger Factor

The question of should books be censored has arisen as one of the hot topics in the 21st century. It mainly comes from complaints of people who decide on such books that contain offensive and “triggering” content.

What My Opinion Is

Should books be censored? Absolutely not and I’ll show my reasoning for it.

Books and all other arts and literature have their very own meaning and intentions by censoring them, it would be censorship of someone else’s own voice which contradicts the very sayings of human rights to free speech.

On the other hand, some people really do get triggered into a stasis where they can’t do anything. Sometimes the trauma can be quite, and as someone who has never undergone that kind of shock, I cannot speak for these victims.

Let’s jump into some more reasoning and what people should do.

Censorship of the Past

Art and literature are all created by people. To censor books would be censorship of the past and that would equal a lot of knowledge and opinions being lost. It’s like when people burned books in the Dark Ages or when the Roman Catholic Church censored and destroyed many literature and arts that contradicted the church. And if history has taught us anything, that would be a colossal waste of knowledge and work!

It’s always important to know what our past was about as it’ll be a considerable decider for our future.

Another problem with censoring books is that it’s a violation of human rights to speech. Censoring a book is basically blocking someone else’s ability to say their own opinion which theoretically allows another person to do the exact same to you.

We also shouldn’t censor books because people of the past had their own customs and cultures. What we know today as civilized may become barbaric in the future when our ancestors look upon us, just like how we see some cultures of the past. To censor the books from the past is also giving leverage for our future generations to block what we say and do today and continue the cycle of destroying our history.

The Sensitivity of Topics

But the main problem for my argument is that I don’t know the full extent of how triggering something could be. At the same time, almost anything can trigger someone. How do we censor books in these circumstances?

Anything like needles, tentacles, blood, to even specific people could be trigger factors. If it’s precisely people, we can’t just wipe them off the face of the Earth, that’s another violation of human rights.

But is there a solution? Perhaps, here’s what I’m proposing.

What People Should Do

Well, the most basic solution is just to tell people not to read what they get triggered by. We can’t really put up a disclaimer except on extremely horrific arts, but we already have that.

Another but the more aggressive solution is to leave everything as it is and ignore the people that are offended by the particular book or literature. This works because the majority will still enjoy it as it is and it’s up to the reader to judge whether they want to read the book or not.

What Do You Think?

Of course, this is a discussion, and I’d like to hear everyone’s opinions! What’s your opinion on this subject? Do you think books should be censored? Why or why not?

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